Why should I choose Jfsound workshop?

Our workshop is very large, over 800 square meters, equipped with all the tools to carry out any type of installation.
Usually installations and interventions are performed by appointment, but if a customer visits us, we can do the job (as much as possible) immediately if the conditions allow us to able to do it promptly.
Our workshop team is able to perform extremely clean and professional jobs and can provide customised solutions for every type of car (including manual modification to car upholstery).

We are highly qualified and, above all, we know every detail of the products we install.
- Anyone installing a product purchased from us receives a 50% discount on installation.
Very fast installation times
Anyone getting the car radio installed by us will get free updated maps throughout Europe and in addition we provide free live map updates.

What are the schedules and contacts of the workshop?

The workshop is located in Via Campo dei Fiori 4 in Forlì (FC) and is open at the following times:
Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 12:30 and 14:30 - 18:30

Wednesday: afternoon closed.

How long does the assembly take?

Each installation is "a story in itself", that is to say that each installation takes different time depending on the product and the car in which it is installed, but the minimum installation time for a 1 Din car radio is simply half an hour then there are so many variables that will affect the final installation time, the indicative times are:
1 din or 2 din standard car radio: 2 hours
Specific car radio: one and a half hours
Car radio + rear-view and digital camera: half day
Car radio + headrest + digital: half day
Car stereo + headrest + rear-view camera + digital: one full day
Replacement of speakers (front and rear): 2 hours
Replacement of speakers + subwoofers: half day
Replacing speakers + amplifiers + subwoofers: a full day
In any case, we never keep the car for more than a day (except for articulated and complicated work)

Do you have any offers in terms of installation for those who buy the car radio from you?

Sure! Those who buy from us, we give them 50% discount on installation.
For example, the cost of installing a specific car radio bought from us is 50 euros, otherwise it is 100 euros

What kind of vehicles can I bring to you for installation or assistance?

Any vehicle: we do cars, campers, coaches, NCCs, trucks, even motorcycles, anything.

If I have to leave the car in the workshop for installation, how can you help me?

If the type of intervention is fast and takes no time, we have a waiting room entirely dedicated to those who opt for our installation service, equipped with TV, free Wi-Fi, sofa and table (if the person wants to work on pc).
If the operation takes more time or the customer cannot wait, we can offer a replacement car for € 50/day or alternatively if the customer has to go to areas not too far from the workshop, we will be happy to drop them for free.

I got the system installed from you, something is wrong. What should I do? Is there a guarantee?

Each product is covered by a 24-month warranty.
The warranty is clearly on the product and not on the installation.
This means that if a customer buys a product from us but does not get it installed from us, he will have to "uninstall the product from the car" and deliver it to us or if we have to remove it, our labour will cost depending on the type of work.
For those who get the installation done from us, even in case of problems, there will be no additional labour costs for uninstalling the car radio from the car.
In addition, every installation is guaranteed for a period of 6 months.

Is it possible to pay in instalments?

Sure, you can pay in instalments.

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