Hertz DBX 252.3 è un box con  doppio subwoofer da 10" (250mm) collegati in parallelo a 2 Ohm in grado di accettare ben 300W rms per prestazioni SPL a costo contenuto.
La cassa in MDF è rifinita con una ottima moquette nera con logo HERTZ cucito, le griglie dei sub con design esclusivo e la morsettiera a sgancio rapido completano questo box.

Di seguito le specifiche tecniche:

1. Dual 10” (250mm) subwoofer unit for unmatched SPL output and superior power handling.
2. Fine-tuned sealed enclosure, developed through computer aided simulations and refined with in-car listening sessions, to ensure a ready-to-sound performance.
3. Angled-back box design to save cargo space, constructed by durable MDF with internal reinforcement brackets and finished with high density carpet .
4. Subwoofers internally wired in parallel resulting in a 2 Ω impedance to match perfectly with mono amplifier providing the ability to exploit the amplifier’s power at its full potential.
5. Quick release high current plated Push terminals.
6. Subwoofers featuring Polypropylene membrane stiffened with mineral powders and provided with ribbing on the surface to avoid cone deformation. High excursion Butyl rubber surround designed to achieve powerful undistorted bass.
7. Exclusive design grille with diamond cut aluminium logo.

Diventa Rivenditore e Installatore Autorizzato JFSOUND